Startup Ideas and Projects

Startup is getting some steam in Indonesia. The growth is high. The anthusiasm are momentous. I share some thoughts, might be useful, might be foolish. Read them at Kumpulan Ide Bagus, a collection of startup ideas for those who are still clueless to start.

I tried a handful of ventures and projects online with colleagues, try them...

» PickaFace - Create your own avatar or cartoon profile picture in a very easy steps, free & fun.. (karya anak bangsa dengan pengguna global)
» Hexatar - A new unique app to create a hexagonal based  avatar or cartoon profile picture (from the creator of PickaFace)
» Cake Heritage - a global online source of suggestions and concepts that allows readers to discover and keep up with everything about cakes, tarts, brownies, cupcakes, pies, fruitcakes, and the list goes on...
» Speedy Cooking - The largest quick cooking video collection.
» Home Inspiration - a daily inspiration and ideas for your home.

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