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I'm Mohamad Adriyanto

Dreamer and Blogger

A tech freak, a fan of Disney-Pixar movies, a blog writer, a teacher, a retired school principal, a lecturer, a management facilitator, and above all a father. Fulbrighter of 2000. Google+ 1st Generation User. TEDx Organizer. Now going back to school once again.. Meet me at http://bit.ly/adriyanto

Passion & Data

Divergent Thinking
Insatiable Curiosity
Infectious Passion
Compelling Leadership
Respect for Innovators
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What I Offer

Dreaming Big

Join me to get your dream flying high. No limits would be set. No boundaries should be imposed. Tell me your passion, I tell you its bright side. The world is big enough for everybody who achieves big.

Getting Yourself Ready

Ready for what? Ready to move and fly forward. Use your imagination to propell your wings. Use your experience to guide you through the clouds. There is no such things as going backward.

Preparing The Weapons

Today's weapons to get you winning are things mostly unknown a year ago when you went to school. You need to learn again, all the time. No stopping pit for learning new things.

Networking with The Best

Making new contacts, widening your network, those are the keys to any kind of encounters you make today. It is not you who make ways to success, but those who cares about you.

Working Your Winning Skills

Discovering your talent, tailor your technical skills based on what you are best at, be unique and stand out in the crowd. Push yourself hard, train yourself new things, sharpen your existing skills, every day, every time.

Strengthening Your Mentality

Technical skills are only the beginning. At the end of the day, it is your mental power which will push you to the finish line.


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Dream-powered initiatives that hopefully bring benefit to others

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  • PhoneUndisclosed
  • AddressSamarinda, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia.
  • Emailmadriyanto at gmail dot com